Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I DID it

two weeks....that is all i had between a visit from my creative friend Nola to the actual event. before i knew it, i had said yes to what SHE believed to be shareable about me. during those two weeks preparing i had doubts more than anything due to the time pressure but something told me this was a challenge and i went full throttle. And I DID IT. 
i had a friend build me two display walls to hang my art on, much like an art gallery. and i took a thing of live green with me in the form of lemon balm to show my respect for the Life force that ultimately motivates all I do.
so there i was, pushing myself to reveal through my available work, who i was, what i meant to share, what i meant to say and i worked night and day, amidst the chaos of daily life until i was able to put a decent display together.

the above are two pieces that sold
we spent many an hour sifting through my previous work for printable material but, surprisingly, it was my originals that sold, one woman in particular by the name of rachel buying four of them

i am going through a house form phase
as you can see both in my painting and my stitching
and the flowers in my garden

i stitched, i pasted, i painted, i collaged, i printed and packed, framed and boxed everything right in the nick of time.
all for the
of Art and spreading culture.

courageous me!

Monday, June 9, 2014

time does really fly when you are having fun. 
for a while there i did not leave the studio, painting, painting, painting as i delved deeper into all i had learned from full circle workshop and all the new roads it had led me down.

so in between more plantings in the garden and more hangings in the kitchen i just kept at it, surprised at what was coming forth from my subconscious.
paperclay included
and some collage after a long time not enjoying it
and a new discovery.... plain paper and pencil drawings
and a random postcard for a friend in england
I have used a lot of blue
and red
experimenting with a bit of storytelling in my paintings, gradually going bigger
and finally finished this piece on wood and selling it

recycling boxes to make another gift for yet another friend titled "love the giver"

a true reflexion of a mixed media artist

i keep running out of time for making all that i would like

but i am filled with gratefullness that i am able to paint at all.

Friday, June 6, 2014

so we celebrated a birthday....tatiana turned 27 on a bittersweet note since she is going through a rough spot right now.  but she was happy, we were happy and best of all, we were together.
martin is back from chile after five arduous months working on his vacation home in puerto varas so it was a double celebration.  
she got two cakes!
it has been a strange couple of weeks; so so many of my friends going through some pretty serious problems.  so i have been sad for them, supportive and involved.  very little creativity other than more around the house and plenty in the garden.
embracing the simple joys. our butterfly bush has summoned the monarchs and bees and the occasional hummingbird and i have literally sat outside observing them for hours, calming the soul of so
much distress.
can be so fleeting....up and down that path we go in a pendulum of challenges.
but then the magic speaks its secret language and we know all's right in the end.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blue Shelfie

so, while i'm in the house mode, spring cleaning and moving things about, might as well go all out and leave a record of how things looked around may of 2014.  
or should i say, how i made it look.  because the truth is all these things get shifted around alot.  
the enamelware, as you might recall, was originally on a shelf above my table in my art studio.  much of the jug collection remains there but i love how the blue enamelware looks inside this old grundgy

i started my collection about 4 years ago.  enamelware is expensive and hard to find so one piece at a time has been added., mostly old coffee and teapots and one ice bucket.

 i love how it contrasts with that pale pink of the cecile brunner roses and how it goes with the pink garland on the enamel cannister on the left.  i have bid and lost many a time on ebay for the matching coffeepot and utensil holder.

my favorite blueish color that my family is growing tired of is just about in every room in the house and extends to the garden since i fell in love with sissinghurst.