Sunday, September 14, 2014

what a fun two weeks with watercolors and scribbles, sketching and drawing 
monochromatic, negative space and larger formats, all new experiments as i delve deeper into my self described mixed medianism.

i also love using walnut inks instead of watercolors since i love the brown vintage hues.

this large drawing is all colored pencils
i keep defining myself as a mixed media artist, mixed medianism being that i don't like to use the same mediums too long at a time, these paper mache dolls being an example of the detour i took this week.

and then exploring some more darker paintings as i play with brown paper and watercolors.
there is a mysteriousness to watercolors
cathy cullis is having a brown paper art challenge in september. as i was reading about it, i got the urge to paint a cathy cullis inspired three toned watercolor thus the result above. i love the simplicity of her work which is not as easy as it looks since watercolors can be tricky. they even say among artists that it is the most difficult of mediums.

but i just play with them not expertly but with a keen will at exploration. watercolors are magical....they start to reveal images hidden in the layers of water and paint. 
here is one of my darker ones. i have been subconsciously painting quite a few shielded women: armored, protected, vigilant.
followed by a lighter one

i explored a bit with using the watercors with other mediums attempting some depth and layering to the paintings. 
such as this mail art i painted for my friend Emi in Canada.
and this one for julie as i needed to mail her my hand embroidered feathers anyway. why not make it mail art?
for one of her dreamcatchers.
julie was who got me turned on to
painting on rocks.
i love this newfound medium.
lullaby cd cover commissioned piece is still in the works as are a few more of my painted oyster shells
hope your week has been as creative as mine.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the things that matter

melodie stacy sent me this portrait spoon and mini fabric bunny doll. the past two weeks i have been showered with gifts, my mail box has been packed with little boxes and packages gifted to me by so many of my online friends.
you see, they know it's not all about me.....i draw from them way more than from my small imaginative world. so, i finally get to share with you some of the work by my favorite contemporary artists that i have slowly collected over time.
first and foremost
lynne hoppe! she literally lives in wonderland with little escapades into the east and many an escapade into the garden of eden. i love everything she does and finally asked her for one of her mini paintings.
molly meng
julie ippoliti
susan buchanan
my sudio at night, quite abandoned at the moment since i have been mainly stitching
ellen benson

more me
bobi & bobi
more of my studio with work by mary stanley, ruth harris, syd mccutcheon and myself
a piece i bought long long ago from canada i believe
one of my son's first pencil drawings
i have yet to own one of dana's
nola hart
a bunny from england
quite eclectic in my tastes but all spell outsider, handmade, homemade
and ofcourse there are the hundreds if books on my bookshelfs, illustrated mainly
so the days rush by
imbued with beauty
touched by friendship
as i, too, reach for the stars
and the things that truly matter

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

of late, it has been all about finishing projects that have been set aside, many times with just a tiny corner to be stitched or painted.
and framing some of the work i want to display in our home.
and listing a few others in my much-neglected etsy shop.
you see i have so many varied artistic interests that i sometimes get sidetracked launching new projects.
so i have started a pad with a list of the things i REALLY want to make. ofcourse, i continue to stray once in a while, as when i stopped one night to sew this indigo beaded moth.
it ultimately went on to win an award on flickr's explore with over 12 thousand views worldwide.
or when i stopped to paint this sympathy note for the tragedy of MH 17 for my dutch friend Hans Peter.
i have also been putting together some packages to thank a number of friends who have sent me some wonderful handmade gifts, such as lynne hoppe who sent me a couple of originals
and rebecca brooks who sent me the most gorgeous saughtered double-sided shrine ro hang from my ceiling fan
in turn, her gifted prompted me to stitch these scapulars
but i've also been catching up with the garden

and walks on the beach
and still hanging up pictures in the house
and tidying up the studio

i need more time. lots more time because
just love love to create.

what do you think of this new technique i ventured into? my daughter and son are both modernists and i wanted to make tatiana something for her apartment. what a contrast to what i usually paint huh?
i leave you with this beautiful creation from my friend Julie Ippoliti
proof once again that we are all a gift to each other. 
as my friend hans peter so wisely write to me the other day
"This 'us & them' finds its roots, i believe, in the illusion that there is a separate 'me'. The older I get, the more i realuze: i am you, i am this bird, i am this tree, i am this stone."